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I watched her leave. I didnt' remember bagging her book for her or giving her chainge. I must have because no one said anything, no one told me that I had just screwed up and let a customer walk out with a book for free...


I wasn't sure where I was, or who I was or who I am. My co-woker, Vanessa, approached me, laid a hand on my shoulder.
"Hey," she said. "You alright?"
I nodded. "Rough customer." I said.
"You get the crazies all the time." she said. "Especially working downtown." She rubbed my shoulder. "You can't let them get to you. What did she want?"
"She was talking about snowflakes."
"They're pretty." she said. "Snowflakes are pretty. Oh," she said. "I almost forgot to tell you. You have to email a custome back."
"What's it about?"
"He didn't say. His name was Harold Kowalski. You have to email him at  He said that he would write back with the deatils. I think he wanted a text on symbolism, or something."
I nodded. "Alright."
"Try and take it easy for the rest of your shift, Okay?"
I nodded.
But I could not stop thinking about her.