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She was waiting for me when I finished my cigarette. She had one in her mouth and I could see the cherry of it lighting her face in an orange glow.
"I wasn't sure you'd be here." she said.
"I had to come, didn't I?" I said. "I had to know."
She smiled and motioned for me to walk beside her and if I had known then that I would never be back, I may not have gone with her. But curiosity is a strange thing and who was I to ignore it?
We walked down the sidewalk and she led me to a fountain that sat in a cobblestone covered space. She took out the metal plate from her bag and I noticed that she had it wrapped in a cloth.
She was afraid to touch it.
"I don't even know your name." I said.
"It is Kowalski." she said. "Mekashka Kowalski." She smiled again. "I already know yours Owen."
I gasped. "How do you know my name?"
"It was on your nametag, on your vest?" She mimed the vest I had been wearing at work.
I sighed, nodded. "Of course."
"I want to show you something." She said. "Do not touch the plate though. I fear touching it. There is something inside it that craves our touch; do you know what this might be?"